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Organize your farm information in Maps.
Keep Records with GPS and pictures of your field visits.
Everything is integrated, easier to see and analyze. + info
Monitor crops remotely through satellite imagery every 16 days.
Direct scouting to problem areas.
Detect stress factors and take action. + info
Generate Maps of seeding, fertilizing operations, and yields. Assess the quality of operations, controlling rates and speed. Reduce negative impacts, and make corrections to avoid future losses. + info
Recognize zones productive potential, and optimize management decisions for each of them.
Do variable rate input applications to improve efficiency, yields and profits or your farm business. + info

The key to efficiency and profitability is managing your farm’s knowledge


About GeoAgro

Help the farming business to adopt technologies and precision ag processes. Reduce the gap between available equipment technology and what is effectively applied.
Transform farm data into maps and knowledge to take better decisions
Facilitate innovations to everyone involved in farming (producers, advisors, contractors, input providers, labs, etc.) through simple tools and documented results.
GeoAgro’s platform is supported by regional and local agronomic partners specialized in precision agriculture and innovative management practices. These partners assure the quality of field implementations, helping farmers in the key steps of the process.
The incorporation of technologies in agriculture is moving forward quickly… are your ready for precision advising?
Learn more about our implementation model, based on collaboration with local advisors to support farming teams. The first step is to learn the tools - signup to online courses.

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