Ag Services Providers

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Smart connections with your clients
Ag services providers are facing increasing challenges and opportunities, in the context of a dynamic and competitive marketplace. This is driving new approaches to strengthen customer loyalty and establish long lasting relationships, support sales efforts and products recommendations through farm information services, and drive increasing market share and margins through innovative approaches.
GeoAgro proposes a farm services platform, aiming at multiple goals.

Increase farmers’ loyalty through value-added services, ranging from simple tools for organizing their farm information, to integrating data from different sources – satellite imagery, geo-referenced crop scouting & sampling, application maps, yield maps and other georeferenced farm data to support informed decisions.

Optimize recommendations of your seed, fertilizer or agrochemical products, and monitor results at the end of the season.

The platform allows implementing customized processes and reports, adding value to the provided products and services.

See success case: KWS 

All the farmers information is stored centrally, allowing to analyze it in real time, evaluate technical or commercial parameters such as market penetration by area, follow-up of commercial actions, or carry out agronomic analysis of different variables at the farm or regional level

See sample: Crop Inventory - Zambia