"Knowledge makes us more efficient"

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Client: Criadero Klein - Alberti, Bs. As.
Case:Knowledge Management, Site Specific Management
Key Aspects:Knowledege management, variable rate applications in wheat, smart organizations


Implementing precision agriculture is an opportunity to incorporate technologies to improve knowledge management. Efficiency and profitability are a consequence of optimizing information management, the ability to share it, and transform it into decisions. Teamwork is key for this to happen, turning farms into smart organizations.

Agronomist Roberto Klein highlights these aspects as the main benefit from his experience with GeoAgro. His farm was able to implement site specific processes in 6 months. He assures that "Knowledge makes us more efficient. We need to understand the power behind the tools."
"When I started with this, I was concerned about my team's reaction, but then I was surprised how they adopted the new methods. The approach of integreating them in the new process, show them the goal, and explain why we were doing it had a remarkable effect... perhaps they became even more passionate than myself".