KWS: Towards precision seeding

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Client: KWS Argentina -
Case:Adding value to seed products through zone based recommendations
Keys:seeds, innovation, seeding by management zones


KWS Argentina is a subsidiary of the german seeding company KWS, a leader in its field, dedicated to genetic improvement and seed distribution in more than 70 countries around the world.

Has part of its market development strategy in Argentina, specialized in corn, sunflower and sorghum, the company aimed to add value to their seed products, by providing Agronomic KWS Recommendations (RAKs in spanish), which consist of technical recommendations for hybrid selection, density and location within each field.

Joining the Precision Agriculture development in Argentina, KWS decided to incorporate environmental variables into their recommendations, introducing GeoAgro's Productivity maps to recognize the different productive zones within field, and recommend seeding hybrid/density by zone.