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"Knowledge makes us more efficient"

Client: Criadero Klein - Alberti, Bs. As.
Case:Knowledge Management, Site Specific Management
Key Aspects:Knowledege management, variable rate applications in wheat, smart organizations


Implementing precision agriculture is an opportunity to incorporate technologies to improve knowledge management. Efficiency and profitability are a consequence of optimizing information management, the ability to share it, and transform it into decisions. Teamwork is key for this to happen, turning farms into smart organizations.

Agronomist Roberto Klein highlights these aspects as the main benefit from his experience with GeoAgro. His farm was able to implement site specific processes in 6 months. He assures that "Knowledge makes us more efficient. We need to understand the power behind the tools."
"When I started with this, I was concerned about my team's reaction, but then I was surprised how they adopted the new methods. The approach of integreating them in the new process, show them the goal, and explain why we were doing it had a remarkable effect... perhaps they became even more passionate than myself".

KWS: Towards precision seeding

Client: KWS Argentina -
Case:Adding value to seed products through zone based recommendations
Keys:seeds, innovation, seeding by management zones


KWS Argentina is a subsidiary of the german seeding company KWS, a leader in its field, dedicated to genetic improvement and seed distribution in more than 70 countries around the world.

Has part of its market development strategy in Argentina, specialized in corn, sunflower and sorghum, the company aimed to add value to their seed products, by providing Agronomic KWS Recommendations (RAKs in spanish), which consist of technical recommendations for hybrid selection, density and location within each field.

Joining the Precision Agriculture development in Argentina, KWS decided to incorporate environmental variables into their recommendations, introducing GeoAgro's Productivity maps to recognize the different productive zones within field, and recommend seeding hybrid/density by zone.

Helping farmers make intelligent decisions

Client: Avison Fertilizers -
Case:Imagery and Site specific management help farmers make intelligent decisions
Keys:Imagery, Site specific fertilizing decisions


Avison is an innovative semi-organic fertilizer company, which applies an Integrated Plant Nutrition Management approach, which has turned non-profitable farms into profitable ones with the added bonus of improved soil fertility. By combining organic and chemical fertilizer, Avison helps create healthy, productive soils and increased yields.

Magriet Wille, Marketing Manager details how GeoAgro's technologies, combined with sound agronomic advice and superb fertilizer products, enables their farmers to make site specific management decisions, monitor their crops, and improve their bottom line.

Precision Farming Works! Case in South Africa

Country:South Africa
Case:Precision farming cycle on sweet potatoes, baby corn and beans. 


Mareuil and Laurie Aitchison from Hoedspruit subscribed to GeoAgro in January 2014 to implement the precision farming cycle. Now, they strongly recommend that all farmers change their practices and start using Geoagro, Avison and Oasis to insure better results, more site specific management and bigger profits.
The productivity maps were used to determine where to take the most representitive samples and to determine where problem areas are, how big they are and how field can be divided into zones for corrections. 
Soil samples were taken and sent to Bemlab for analyses. When the soil samples were received, Francis Yeatman from Oasis Consulting made recommendations for soil corrections as well as plant nutrition.
The farmers plant sweet potatoes, baby corn and beans. Corrections were made and with the help of Francis from Oasis, a custom made fertilizer were manufactured by Avison specifically for these fields. 
Not even half a year down the road and the yields increased dramatically, plants are more even, quality of the crops are better and the farmers are smiling all the way to the bank. Not even excessive rains could damage their crops, because of management and sufficient nutrients to insure strong and healthy crops. 
Mareuil and Laurie strongly recommend that all farmers change their practices and stPrecision farming cycle on sweet potatoes, baby corn and beans. art using Geoagro, Avison and Oasis to insure better results, more site specific management and bigger profits.

Field days show returns on investments

Country:South Africa
Case:Fertilizing strategies on tobacco and maize crops.

Recent field days showed returns on investment for farmers adopting sound fertilizing strategies, improved information management and precision farming technologies.
The event was carried out on January 2014, at Thabazimbi and Skuinsdrift, and had the participation of a highly qualified audience of 90 leading farmers, on tobacco and maize crops.
The event was organized by FM Organics, and included presentations by Oasis Consulting and GeoAgro, where success cases were thoroughly reviewed.