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If you or your contractor have invested in equipment with field computers to monitor seeding, fertilizing, chemicals applications or harvest, you can access valuable information that can improve the quality of your production process
CONTROL Pak includes processing all your collected data in the different operations of the season, enabling control of the qualityof seeding, harvesting, fertilizing, or aerial/land spraying operations.

The diversity of formats and file extensions available in the market can make data processing a complex challenge. CTRL Pak automatically process data originated in widely used monitors in the market, such as:

  • Seeding/ Applications: Control Agro, Agrotax, Verion, Nitro 7200, Stara & Trimble.
  • Harvest: John Deere& AG Leader.
Data is processed automatically after files are uploaded to Farm 360. Quick turnaround enable you to take corrective actions, improving process efficiency.

Quick access to seeding, fertilizing, ag chemical application maps allow to see and easily interpret key information to control operations efficiency:

  • Quantity of applied input/product: These data helps to detect areas with under or over applications, which can have a strong impact on the expected crop evolution, or in the economic bottomline
  • Path and speed of operations:both in seeding and harvest, speed is a critical factor to obtain expected results. Alerts on excess speeds can avoid significant losses.
  • Yield obtained on each location of the field:key information to evaluate the results of the crop cycle.