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Farm 360 is a web-based GIS application that organizes your maps and crop information “in the cloud”, securely and always available from anywhere.

To use Farm 360 all you need is an Internet connection, its simple to use and does not required prior GIS knowledge, so everybody on your team can collaborate using the same information which makes their work more productive.
Farm 360 allows you to:
  • locate and draw you farm boundaries
  • organize your information using layers, with separate layers for different years and crops
  • add field scouting information
  • send requests to GeoAgro by TEK to produce maps for your fields, including productivity, planting, application, and yield maps, and access these maps in a web GIS
  • share information with users, allowing people in different locations to work as a coordinated team.

Thanks to new geographic information technologies, everything that happens in the field can be represented in maps: field visits, operations, crop status through imagery, and many other layers.

Farm 360 allows to access a great quantity and variety of maps in a simple and immediate way, and managed online.

Working with these maps makes farm management easier and more convenient, increasing knowledge about the fields, and supporting better decisions.

One of the main benefits of Farm 360 is the simplicity with which custom map reports can be generated.

The user selects the layers to be included and add comments. Depending on the type of map figures and tables that summarize information in different formats. They can be sent as pdf or email to the report audience.

This is an effective tool to make knowledge tangible and show results:
  • The field scouter can show in which locations he was and the observations made
  • The farm manager can compare the prescription map and the application map, controlling the quality of the operation and detecting inefficiencies due to speed or over/under applications.
  • The harvester can add value to his job, providing to the producer a yield map report, shortly after the harvest is done.

Farm 360 provides tools to eliminate distances and facilitate exchanges between the team members and external providers.

The 'administrator' user creates and updates the farm maps, can share the information with other members of the farm group, and assign permissions to view or edit.
The same applies to reports, in case the main user would like to give access to more information and analysis capabilities

In this way, the farm organization implements the vision of the work network, which enable everyone involved to know what is happening in every part of the field, manage their knowledge, and make decision in a simple and effcient way.   


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