Productivity Map

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Precision Agriculture starts with a Map like this…

The Productivity Map represents, with different colors, the historical productivity of the the different zones within a field. This "history" is obtained based on the analysis of previous years satellite images. Blue tones identify areas with higher productivity, greens delimit areas with medium yields, and closer to yellow represent areas with low production.

How are they used?
  • To identify within field  variability: it’s an initial zones map, an excellent starting point to delimit and recognize field variability.  
  • To plan directed soil sampling: directed sampling provides a consistent approach for zones analysis, allowing to diagnose the motives of environmental variability.
    The productivity map is the base to locate the points to be sampled, diffferentiating them by zone.
  • To create variable rate recommendations: many producers have access to Variable Rate Technology equipment, but can not define the recommendations map to leverage this capability,
    The productivity map helps to define these polygons which boundaries are adjusted season after season.